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Le Rossignol Estates White Collar Surfing & Surf Fest.

Le Rossignol Estates White Collar Surfing & Surf Fest was established in 2019 by Jeremy Le Rossignol and has acheived tremendous success each year. The fundraising total raised to date as a direct result of Jeremy founding White Collar Surfing Competition & Surf Fest in 2019 is £112,399.30.

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Since its inception in 2019, Le Rossignol Estates White Collar Surfing has supported over 100 local novice surfers learn how to surf.

This initiative has not only raised thousands for Healing Waves but been incredibly enjoyable and brought together a strong sense of community.

In 2022 and 2023 we raised just under £50,000 for Healing Waves, with an additioanl of £30,000 donated from DWE Trust. This event has been so successful year after year; and it continues to grow.

Thanks to our successful fundraising, Healing Waves have been able to open a brand new centre at Le Braye, St. Ouen. This expansion enables them to reach more children & adults, provide new equipment, and make a greater impact.

Le Rossignol Estates White Collar Surfing.

The inspiration for Jersey White Collar Surf came to Jeremy as a result of taking part in a charity White Collar boxing event 10 years ago. With lots of his friends who surf, and turning the ripe old age of 45, he decided it was finally time to learn how to hang five! To his amazement, nobody had created a White Collar Surfing Competition.  Thanks to Jeremy, the event has been a huge success and many participants continue to surf after the programme.

To participate, entrants enrol in a 12-week surf program in May, held at the Splash Surf Centre, St. Ouens. Throughout the program, they receive progressive lessons to prepare for the competition, which is held in August at Surf Fest. The entry-level surfers will raise funds for Healing Waves via our support channel RaceNation/SportsGiving.  

This initiative has not only raised tens of thousands for Healing Waves but been incredibly enjoyable and brought together a strong sense of community and provided people with the opportunity to fully embrace the island's vibrant coastal lifestyle.

The event continues to grow year after year. If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch and sign up for White Collar Surf 2024!


Le Rossignol Estates Surf Fest.

Surf Fest is a Music and Surf festival created by Le Rossignol Esates and held at The Watersplash, St. Ouen.  Throughout the day, attendees can enjoy live music performances from local bands, participate in the MEGA raffle draw, watch the white collar surf competition and partake in family-friendly entertainment.

This year we raised in total £54,199.27 for Healing Waves. This event is family friendly, open to the public and admission is free of charge. 


We bring together the community whilst raising money for Healing Waves.

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Surf Fest 2023

Watersplash, St. Ouen's Beach

Healing Waves.

Healing Waves is a local charity and was founded in 2018 by Dom & Max. It enables individuals; despite their condition and/or disability both neurological and physical access to the ocean in a safe way to participate in water sport activities. This is so they can experience the therapeutic benefits that the ocean holds for us all.

They offer Ocean Therapy through guided surf, paddle and flow sessions. These water sports are used as a vessel, helping individuals to gain more self-confidence and communication skills, whilst providing therapy and respite for all.  Water sports can stimulate the ‘stoke’ like feeling and can promote a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, whilst families, friends and carers cheer them on from the side lines.  They encourage loved ones and carers to participate in sessions, helping to strengthen the (often strained) bonds which are vital for healthy relationships.